Eric Ripert’s guide to getting the freshest fish money can buy


With schools of high-end seafood and sushi restaurants, competition for the freshest fish can be fierce in NYC. Never fear, Le Bernardian’s Eric Ripert gave LLNYC four simple steps to catching Le Bernardin quality seafood yourself.

Watch out for our profile of chef Ripert in the upcoming issue of LLNYC.

1. Think small.

“It’s very simple, the best fish come from small fishermen.”

2. Show them the money.

“[Small-time] fishermen struggle a little bit because it isn’t easy. There are less fish in the ocean and more quotas, more protected species. If you pay the fishermen three months from now, you are not going to get the best. But if you pay within a week you will get your fish and you will get you absolute best, best, best.”

3. Don’t even think about bargaining.

“If you bargain, you are not going to get the best.”

4. Buy your fisherman a beer. Make friends.

“You need a good understanding with the fisherman and to trust in him. And he if he trusts you, suddenly you get the very best. That is how we do it.”