Cindy Sherman’s new UES exhibition focuses on aging wealthy women

Cindy Sherman Untitled #466 (credit: Cindy Sherman via Mnuchin Gallery)

Today at the Upper East Side’s Mnuchin Gallery on East 78th Street, a new photography exhibition is opening.

Cindy Sherman’s “Once Upon a Time, 1981 – 2011” includes highlights from Sherman’s “Society Portraits” series from 2008, in which she portrays herself as a variety of stereotypical wealthy women of a certain age.

“[Their] cosmetic surgery and heavy makeup reveal a struggle with society’s impossible standards of youth and beauty, while their slightly pained expressions and whiff of vulgarity suggest a critique of excess,” reads the press release for the exhibition.

Co-curator Sukanya Rajaratnam, a gallery partner, told The Cut that Sherman is “drawing attention to, ‘Do you try to reverse the passing of time? Or do you age gracefully?’ If you have the means, and move in a certain kind of society, it’s almost an expectation to try to stay young, but to what effect? This culture is so obsessed with reversing the signs of time, but the effects are not that great.”

We can’t help but wonder if its Upper East Side venue is a coincidence?

The exhibition will run until June 10.

[The Cut]

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