This pub crawl requires a helicopter, because why not?

Normally pub crawls are excruciating affairs involving themed attire (we’re looking at you SantaCon) and drunk dude-bros. But those with a substantial drinking budget are firing back with their own version of a pub crawl — naturally, it involves helicopters.

In Queensland, Australia large distances separate the region’s best micro-breweries. those distances are forcing beer enthusiaststo to take to the sky — we assume drunk flying is discouraged.

Pterodactyl Helicopters, a company based out of Ipswich, Australia, is running the luxury pub crawl. They boast brews and views.

“We’re all about customization,” Captain Mike Jarvis, tells Bloomberg. “So if there is something of importance for you to experience and learn about—we’ll make your priority our priority.”

If your headed to the land down under and looking to taste Australia’s best beers (no, Fosters is not Australian for beer), you’ll need to book at least a month in advance. [Bloomberg]