Billionaire Houston Rockets owner lists $22M apartment at the Baccarat

The Baccarat

Self-made billionaire, Leslie Alexander, has just listed his massive apartment at the Baccarat Hotel & Residences for $21.5 million, per StreetEasy records.

According to Forbes, Alexander is worth an estimated $1.9 billion. He paid $85 million for the Houston Rockets NBA team in 1993, which has turned out to be a pretty great investment for him; Forbes estimates the team alone is now worth $1.5 billion.

In real estate, however, Alexander may not be quite so lucky. He listed his grand apartment at 18 Gramercy Park, which he paid $42 million for in 2013, in 2015 for $49.75 million and it lingered on the market for years. It was taken off the market it in January with a listing price of $47.5 million, per StreetEasy.

Now, he’s trying his luck with this unit at the Baccarat, which he bought for a little more than $20.6 million in 2015. The 4,545-square-foot apartment has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 360-degree views of the city, 11-foot ceilings and a Baccarat chandelier (of course). Tony Ingrao designed all of the interiors.

J. Roger Erickson, Ekaterina Brody, Keyan Sanai and Theresa Thompson of Douglas Elliman have the listing.

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