Social media addicts just can’t get enough of Chanel and Louis Vuitton: REPORT

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Every brand out there wants to attract the attention (and likes) of millennials on social media, but who is doing the best job?

According to a new ranking from the social media marketing platform, Insightpool, the fashion companies with the most clout on social are — in order — Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and … Christian Siriano.

While that last one may be a surprise, researchers told WWD that the Project Runway winner “has become known as a high-fashion designer who will help dress up-and-coming stars (especially ones who don’t represent typical model sizes) for the red carpet — and has even directly reached out to actresses he’d like to dress on Twitter.” This, apparently, has translated into a more engaged group of followers on social (even though numbers-wise, he trails Chanel and Louis by a lot).

What millennials are all looking for, it seems, is authenticity in their marketing; they want to feel like the brand is connecting with them and sharing a real story. Though of course, all these brands are actually trying to do is sell them things.

All of the top ten brands, below:

  1. Chanel
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Christian Siriano
  4. Puma
  5. Forever 21
  6. Marc Jacobs
  7. Adidas
  8. Victoria’s Secret
  9. H&M
  10. Nike