Love might be free, but dating costs a fortune in NYC

Love certainly doesn’t come cheap. Just ask the 5,500 daters who participated in a recent survey detailing costs of meeting and greeting other singles. The average American singleton spent $1,596 on their dating life in 2016. Those in bigger cities spent even more cash looking for love, lust or anything in between. For example in New York, daters spent $2,069 a year on average — of course that figure could easily be a single date for some of us.

These prices not only tally drinks and dinners, but also take into account transportation, personal grooming expenses, wardrobe and dating sites or matchmakers. So in fact, these numbers seem super low, perhaps indicating that NYC is full of cheapskates who are pulling down the average.

Not surprisingly men outspent women — the fairer sex spent about $400 less per year on average. But still, that gap isn’t all that wide. Women are increasingly offering to split the costs of dates for a variety of reasons: to indicate disinterest, to exert independence or to simply be polite. Also younger women seem more apt to fork over 50 percent of the bill, according to the study.  [WP]