Designer Michael Bargo’s apartment is a cross between a gallery show and luxe tag sale

Wall-to-wall carpet everywhere

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“You like it, you bought it” might very well be designer Michael Bargo’s motto to anyone walking through his threshold. He has created the rather unique event in which everything in his beautifully decorated Brooklyn Heights one bedroom is for sale. A cross between an ever-changing art gallery show and luxe tag sale, Bargo carefully curates singular objects in the space for both aesthetic value and profit.

The creative concept seems to be working. It has drawn clients such as design aficionados like Marc Jacobs, Mirabelle Marden and Billy Cotton. By appointment only, those interested in ensconcing themselves in Bargo’s treasures may wander throughout his domicile and marvel. Some currently residing in the apartment-turned-showroom include: a leopard-print sofa inspired by a couch Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé had in their Marrakesh home, a pink Thomas Barger pressed-paper chair and a Joseph Algieri coffee table made of textured, corporate-style ceiling tiles. In Bargo’s home, everything is not what it initially seems. Novel surprises include a beige paper lampshade which when illuminated reveals an erotic drawing and a a petite side table made of powder-coated metal by the artist Samuel Farrier masquerading as a pillar.

Magic hour…. #homesweethome

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Much like a gallery show, Bargo changes out pieces every three to four months. Only a portion of his decor can be housed in the one-bedroom unit at any time, so the rest is stored in a facility in the Bronx.

His guidelines seem fairly straightforward: “I wouldn’t sell anything I couldn’t live with myself” and “I have to have an emotional reaction,” explains Bargo to the New York Times.

Just don’t expect him to part with the modernist litter box Bargo built with his dad or a brown wide-wale corduroy chair.

Those interested in getting a peek at the eye candy provided by the furniture dealer and interior designer need only hit up on his Instagram page.

@brooks__william “NSFW” lampshades available from, DM for details

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