The dorm room chef has graduated to a Brooklyn brownstone

slicing beets and searing scallops in a furniture catalogue near you!! lol

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Remember Jonah Reider, the star chef who was cooking gourmet meals out of his Columbia dorm room? Well he’s graduated from college now, and he’s installed his supper club — called Pith — in a pretty predictable place: a townhouse in Brooklyn.

That house actually belongs to a benevolent hedge fund manager, Brian Mommsen, who presumably finds it interesting to have foodie strangers traipsing through his home. “I haven’t told most of my friends,” Mommsen told the Times. “They think I’m nuts already.”

What these strangers are there for is the food, prepared by Reider, which has been written about in glowing terms by the New Yorker, The New York Post, Ruth Reichl and the Wall Street Journal. The meal costs $95 for eight courses (plus an optional $45 wine pairing), and the Times describes the food as: “velvety spring onion soubise studded with caviar and bitter chickweed,” and “snapper crudo with thin strips of lightly dressed green pepper.”

For his part, Reider seems to like to use simpler terms describe his food; “Yo dog,” he texted the Times reporter, his bone marrow turned out to be “so dank.”

If you want to find out if the food is worth the hype, you can book a table via his website, though at the moment it seems that all tables for April and May are sold out. [NYT]