Mar-a-Lago is shutting down for the season

President Trump loves Mar-a-Lago. It’s where he spends he weekends. It’s where he entertain’s foreign dignitaries. It’s where he launches dozens of Tomahawk missiles over cake.

But the president’s pricey trips to Palm Beach may soon end as Mar-a-Lago, his private club, shuts down for the season.

The club shuts down each May, one longtime Palm Beach resident told Town & Country,

“The kind of people who would support full formal dinner service in the main house start leaving after Easter and are definitely gone by Mother’s Day,” Steven Stolman, a T&C contributor and former president of Scalamandré, says. “The car carriers have already begun to show up on South Ocean Boulevard, loading up the Bentleys for the journey north.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Trump can’t hang around if he wants, as he has a private wing at the club. However, the Federal Aviation Administration announces flight restrictions based on Trump’s travel plans by mid-week, and so far, no such announcements have been made, according to the Palm Beach Daily News. That means Trump’s weekend adventures in Palm Beach are likely already over.

So far, Trump’s seven trips have cost taxpayers an estimated $25 million, according to, a site that monitors the presidents weekend vacations. [T&C]