With “his-and-hers” on the rise, rich people must not like sharing

Here at LLNYC we have come to the conclusion that rich people just don’t like sharing.

We were first tipped off by his-and-hers closets, although we deemed that really quite sensible. Then it was the his-and-hers bathrooms, which are frankly more practical than anything.

But then came his-and-hers kitchens — which can come with four islands, three sinks, and two pairs of fridge and freezer columns — and we begun to get suspicious.

Now, with the news of his-and-hers terraces, sitting rooms, swimming pools and even master bedrooms, we feel like we are on solid ground.

The aforementioned sex-segregated swimming pools are located in a £19 million (roughly $24 million) country mansion called Kingsmead. Broker Alex Newall told The Telegraph:

“The Russian owners built a second swimming pool for him as he loves having a really hot banya (Russian sauna), then swimming lengths in the fresh air, whatever the weather. But her view is why would you go swimming outside on a cold day when you can relax in the warmth? So she has her indoor pool, with an exercise bike submerged in it for water aerobics.”