People are spending thousands on their kids’ closets

They might have smaller clothes, but that doesn’t mean kids should have smaller closets too. And nobody knows that more than the one percent.

According to Melanie Charlton, founder of New York-based Clos-ette, designing a custom children’s closet costs between $10,000 and $15,000.

On the Upper East Side, in a four-bedroom condo, the Wall Street Journal reports that a family tore down part of the laundry room to create a closet for their two teenagers. The resulting room — designed by Charlton — has three handblown glass chandeliers, glass shelving, a mirrored wall and “boutique-style” shoe racks.

In other projects, she also uses chalkboard paint, durable drawer surfaces and inserts, and adjustable shelving systems that will grow with the kids. Kids’ closets “need to be a little more bulletproof,” she told the WSJ.

But don’t think the parents are adding these closets for the storage space alone. “At least half of what my clients are thinking about is ‘How good will this look?’ and ‘When I get it up on the internet, how many likes will I get?” said New York-based nursery designer Vanessa Antonelli.

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