LLNYC’s Look at Listings: Most expensive pad in the WV comes with a private pool

160 Leroy Street PH North (credit: Douglas Elliman)

From LLNYC’s Look at Listings: 160 Leroy Street is one of Ian Schrager’s newer ventures along with the Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie Street. The developer might be best known for signing the lease at Studio 54 (then going to prison after reportedly skimming nearly $2.5 million in unreported income from the club’s receipts, and most recently being pardoned by former President Obama).

The building’s listings appeared online in early January 2016 but sales were already very much in progress – the building was already 50 percent sold. Not bad for a construction site. This is the most expensive unit to date listed at the curvaceous new development. It’s also the most expensive pad in the neighborhood. [more]

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