Balenciaga trolls us all by designing a blue carryall that looks just like a plastic IKEA tote

One percenters who would never step foot in an IKEA but covet the store’s signature $.99 bright blue tote bag are in luck. Balenciaga just released an almost identical bag for the much more rich-person friendly price of $2,145. The extra $2,144 may be well worth it; the new “Arena” bag  is made of a “wrinkled, glazed leather” instead of some peculiar plastic, according to Barney’s.

As the New York Post notes, this isn’t the first time a famed designer knocked off a less luxe item. Whether it be out of laziness, irony or the desire to make social commentary, European designers have been “paying homage” to lesser brands. Givenchy released a pair of work boots similar to the iconic Doc Martens, Prada and Chanel seems to have recently knocked off Teva sandals, and Vetements (whose main designer is also Balenciaga’s current creative director) collaborated with Hanes on a barely distinguishable white tee.

Thankfully IKEA seems to believe in the adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The firm told the Today Show that it was “deeply flattered” by the comparison, adding, “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

No word on how much a Balenciaga version of Swedish meatballs would cost.