Victory Club hosts party with art, fashion and cake at 100 Barclay: PHOTOS

Stephanie Nass (credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)

Stephanie Nass, founder of the art-themed supper club Victory Club, hosted a cocktail and cake event at a 25th floor unit at 100 Barclay on Wednesday night, to honor the artist Katie Rodgers.

Sierra Dehghan, Josh Martin, Jonah Tulis (credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)

Nass baked cakes and covered them with her signature Chefanie Sheets, which were printed with Rodgers’ artwork. Rodgers is the founder of Paper Fashion, and does illustrations for brands like Marchesa, Cartier, Christian Louboutin and Estee Lauder.

Amanda Cole, Fred Havemeyer (credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)

Guests admired a slideshow of Rodgers work, while eating cake and browsing the apartment, which is currently off the market but was last listed for $7.6 million.

(credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)
Daniel Laikind, Sophie Elgort, Stephanie Nass (credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)
Katie Rodgers (credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)
(credit: Noa Griffel/BFA)