Residents of a glass building in London sue the gallery next door

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If you’ve been shamelessly coveting the glass-covered buildings surrounding the High Line, might we suggest you take note and heed this tale of woe.

Five residents of a luxury condo building in London are reportedly suing the nearby Tate Modern Gallery, claiming they have become “public exhibits” after the gallery installed a new observation deck that they claim has gallery visitors observing less of the art, and more of them.

The residents of the swanky Neo Bankside development claim that the Tate is violating the European Convention of Human Rights by letting visitors photograph their glass-walled homes, reports the Independent. They claim that their apartments have been turned into “goldfish bowls.”

In an effort to remedy the issue, last year the Tate installed signs that read “please respect our neighbours’ privacy.” The buildings are roughly 66-feet away from each other.

Prices at the development range from roughly $1 million to almost $29 million.