“Billions” sushi scene is a 101 on power and food: VIDEO

In the 1980s, Wall Street bros tossed back sushi and spent big bucks. But chances are they didn’t know and didn’t care about what they were eating. Fast forward to 2017, and there’s no room left for “food heathens.”

Earlier this season on “Billions,” Wags (played by David Costabile) heads to the counter of the West Village omakase-temple, Sushi Nakazawa. What unfolds is one of the greatest depictions of the interplay between power and food we’ve ever seen.

Picking Sushi Nakazawa was good call, too. Despite, some recent controversy concerning Nakazawa’s now Trump Hotel restaurant, his West Village counter really is a mecca for the rich and powerful. We saw Martha Stewart blind taste uni there. 

Check the scene out below.