Fur coat from the Titanic sells for $190K

A fur coat that escaped the Titanic seemingly unscathed sold at auction this weekend for £150,000 (roughly $190,000) — double its estimate.

The coat belonged to first class stewardess Mabel Bennett, reports the Independent, who donned the fur to protect herself from the cold before she was rescued by a lifeboat.

A letter from her great niece accompanying the coat and proving its authenticity reads: “On her rescue from the Titanic she was in her nightdress and this coat was the first garment she snatched for warmth.”

The coat isn’t the first piece of unusual Titanic memorabilia to sell for a pretty penny; in 2015 a menu from the ship sold for $88,000, and a cracker from the ill-fated journey sold for $23,000. The snack came from a survival kit that honeymooners James and Mabel Fenwick had on their lifeboat.

Next year, for roughly $105,129 per person, tour operator Blue Marble Private is set to begin running eight-day excursions exploring the wreckage of the famed ship.