Building canopies are getting the luxe treatment

The old adage warns us not to judge a book by its cover, but what about judging a building by its canopy?

Developers and designers across the city want you to do just that, and are putting more care and attention into the jutting awning that greets guests to their buildings, reports the New York Times.

At 41 Park Avenue, the fabric canopy is printed with a graphic design by artist Ara StarckFrom below, the work shows an abstract map of Manhattan representing Stonehenge NYC’s rental buildings as constellations. The top of the canopy meanwhile, is printed with branches and a pair of human hands.

Beyond Park Avenue, 345 West 14th Street’s canopy is concrete with hanging plants which dangle through holes in the structure. And at the Christian de Portzamparc-designed One57, the undulating pair of canopies were reportedly designed to look like a series of ribbons. [New York Times]