Nicole Miller, Richard Pasquarelli celebrate the “Muse in the Mews” art exhibit: PHOTOS

Carrie Mackim, James Salomon, Nicole Miller (credit: Patrick McMullan)

Last Wednesday night, the Salomon Contemporary art gallery hosted an opening reception party for their new exhibition “Muse in the Mews,” which was held at the Printing House development building at 421 Hudson Street.

Tricia Hayes, Cole James Salomon (credit: Patrick McMullan)

Over 200 guests, including Nicole Miller and artist Richard Pasquarelli (whose work was exhibited at the show) attended the show, which was curated by James Salomon. The work was displayed on every floor of the house, so guests could travel around to see everything.

Richard Pasquarelli (credit: Patrick McMullan)

The evening did have one notable setback though; Page Six reports that none-other than society photographer extraordinaire Patrick McMullan himself got stuck in an elevator in the building for an hour. Thankfully, the fire department was able to rescue him, and as you can see, he was still able to snap plenty of photos for us all to enjoy.

Pat Diamond, Ian Jones, Fitzhugh Karol, Erik Malinowski, James Sachs (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Michael Scott, Agnes Barley (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Mark Gordon, Ellie Gordon (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Keith Wright, Trisha Guillen (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Kari Stuart, Nicholas Newcomb (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Judy Auchincloss, Julie Fowler (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Hala Salomon, James Salomon (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Hala Salomon, Carrie Mackin (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Fitzhugh Karol, Lyndsey-Karol (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Fitzhugh Karol, Ian Jones, Erik Malinowsk, James Sachs (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Dylan Egon, Maxwell Anderson (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Beth Fisher, Amanda Marquit (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Benoist F. Drut, Archibald Pearson (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Adam Miller, Tricia Hayes Cole (credit: Patrick McMullan)