You can now take Google Earth tours of Zaha Hadid’s and Frank Gehry’s buildings

Google Earth is a great way to explore space, the world and now, architecture. A new feature called Voyager provides 2D and 3D guided tours of a multitude of places, including buildings designed by notable architects Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. You can also tour the top museums in the world, as well as bars that Ernest Hemingway often visited.

Gopal Shah, a product manager for Google Earth, told Architectural Digest, “We think of Voyager as a storytelling platform. In the past we’ve done that in a more rudimentary way with the classic versions of Google Earth. But now we wanted to really take this to the next level. And that involves working with partners in creating beautiful, thoughtful content.”

The new Google Earth also allows users to take a look at the world’s most remote islands and North America’s many national parks, along with the option to look through “Knowledge Cards” to learn more about each and every location. Shah added that, “The world is a big place, with a lot of gems so we wanted to not only allow people to find them with a click of the button but also contextualize them by learning about where they’re located, what makes them seem so beautiful and why they’re culturally relevant.”

The best takeaway from the new Google Earth? “We want users to discover that, over in Bhutan for example, the architecture is very different than ours in the U.S., but everyone has a kitchen and bedroom, and so despite our cultural differences, we are still all the same.” Well said. [AD]