Headed to the Kentucky Derby next weekend? Don’t leave without your $2,500 gold julep cup

When headed to the Kentucky Derby next weekend, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to prepare: a fabulous hat (for the ladies), a seersucker suit (for the gents), and of course your order of a golden mint julep cup.

Woodford Reserve, the official bourbon of the Derby, has just released this year’s official golden and silver mint julep cups, which come in at $2,500 or $1,000 respectively. 15 gold cups are being made, while 90 silver ones are; anyone who orders one must attend the derby, and will be able to pick it up there. All proceeds from the cups will go on to benefit the Kentucky Derby Museum.

If you can’t attend the Derby in person, but would like to sip on a mint julep while you watch it on TV, Woodford Reserve was kind enough to share this year’s official mint julep recipe with us:

Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep

    1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    1/4 oz Pimm’s Liqueur®
    1/2 oz Elderflower Cordial
    1/4 oz Woodford Reserve®Mint Julep Simple Syrup
    1 dash Earl Grey bitters
    Handful of mint

Garnish with a bundle of baby’s breath and mint. Sprinkle with dehydrated edible blue cornflowers.

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