New Yorkers could be flying with Uber within five years

Harry Potter is familiar with flying cars. (credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube)

Controversial ride-sharing app Uber revealed plans yesterday to introduce VTOLs — otherwise known as vertical takeoff and landing aircraft — to Dallas and Dubai by 2020.

But New York City, never one to be left in the corner, could also see the futuristic transport by 2022. Rob Wiesenthal, chief executive of the Blade helicopter service which transports New Yorkers to the Hamptons and beyond, is a part of a group working with Uber to explore bringing VTOLs to the city skies, reports the New York Post.

“We want to bring VTOL to NYC as quickly as possible and we want the public to see them, trust them and try them and hear them,” Wiesenthal said on a panel at an Uber press event. “Our goal is in five years that Blade will enable New Yorkers to reduce the time and friction of their commutes on an on-demand basis.”

He went on to note that a trip from Manhattan to JFK Airport could take just five minutes.

[New York Post]

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