Toothpaste brands target the one percenter

If you are a one percenter who wants to laugh all the way to the bank, you better have a nice smile. Enter luxe oral care brands. High-end dental products — floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste —  are now all the rage among the superrich.

Cocofloss, for instance, is a flavored, blue floss coated in coconut oil, costing three times the average brand.

Catherine Cu, artist and co-founder of the subscription-based brand, wants to make floss sexy,.

“People think flossing is gross, so we wanted to build a new association [with it],” she says. She even got the attention of pricey product guru, Goop-founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

And Cocofloss is not alone. Other companies that want to give good oral… care, include Buly, which offers the Buly 1803, a $50 non-electric Italian-handcrafted tortoiseshell toothbrush.

If that is too rich for your saliva, but your rose gold Sonicare is not fancy enough, Quip sells a high-end toothbrush as well. A media darling, Time awarded the battery-powered device its “Best Inventions of 2016” distinction, and GQ gave it a grooming award. Fashion mags even asked if it was considered the  “Uber ” or “Tesla of toothbrushes.”  Similar to Cocofloss, it is sold via a subscription-based service. Quip initially sends members a brush set and then periodically ships replacement heads.

Clearly putting basic mint-flavored Crest upon such a refined instrument would be blasphemous. Only an artisanal toothpaste will do. A slew are hitting the market. Soon-to-launch Theodent uses a chocolate extract instead of flouride and “fashion forward” Carbon is a charcoal paste with graphic black and white packaging. Established brands like the French Marvis and Belgian Lebon come in creative flavors like Jasmine, Ginger and Tropical Crush respectively, and boast colorful, artfully designed packaging.

Buly 1803’s Opiat Dentaire offers tubes illustrated with snakes and comes in  flavors like Apple of Montauban for $29. It’s made with water from an ancient spring in France that has actually been accredited by the health department there to treat dental ailments.

“All the tube factories in Europe meet and we always win,” Buly co-founder, Ramdane Touhani tells Racked. “It’s a very stupid thing. It makes me laugh every time.”

With all that laughing, it’s a good thing  his pearly whites are so carefully tended to.