Billionaire David Rockefeller Sr.’s will is full of surprises

With the passing of billionaire David Rockefeller Sr. earlier this month at age 101, comes a peek at the lavish will he left behind.

Page Six reports noteworthy items bequeathed include: a collection of 150,000 dead beetles, paintings by Cézanne, Picasso and Gauguin and most noteworthy of all, a Maine island! Buckle Island, a tiny volcanic mass off the coast of Maine was left to his daughter Eileen.

Meanwhile, the carefully preserved insect collection, which he had worked on since he was seven years old, will go to the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.

The last surviving grandson of oil baron John. D. Rockefeller also left grand sums to charity. He donated $700 million to organizations such as MoMA, which he also left a large portion of his pricey art collection.

He also set up trusts for his five children. [NYP]