Why have button-down shirts gone totally insane?

Just why. Monse Asymmetric Striped Top ($1,290 and almost sold out) and Sandy Liang Cromwell ruffled poplin-paneled open-knit cotton top ($325)

The old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be especially true in the case of fashion. The ever-classic button down shirt has been fine for years just as it is. A closet workhorse, it has served well. But lately, fashionistas have begun tinkering with its overall design — and we aren’t sure why.  Too many ruffles (think: Seinfeld’s “puffy shirt”), slashes in material or mismatched buttons on blouses — some costing as much as $650 — are all modifications that have gone too far.

As such, Racked has taken to the web to call out “The Shirts” — a term they use to describe any wonky iteration of a well-tailored blouse.

In case you are confused about what exactly constitutes a “Shirt” as opposed to a normal shirt, Racked has noted some features to look out for:

– The Shirt is asymmetrical.
– The Shirt will make you look as if you’ve been wrapped in a picnic basket. (We suspect this also goes for making you look like a window treatment, table cloth or lampshade)
– The Shirt will make you look like a femme pirate.
– The Shirt is referred to as “shirting” or “luxury shirting”.
– The Shirt will often have an astronomical price tag — ruffles don’t come cheap, after all.

Basically, if donning a pricey cotton top in white, blue or pinstripe ends up making you look utterly ridiculous, sadly you have fallen victim to a case of “The Shirts.” [Racked]

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