Rich people at this luxury music festival are totally miserable — and the Internet is loving it

It’s straight up Lord of the Flies at the #fyrefestival right now. Will be keeping you guys updated on stories 😱

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When Ja Rule announced in December that he was hosting a music festival on a remote island in the Caribbean (and then asked a ton of models to go there and snap alluring Instagram snaps of themselves to promote it), we thought to ourselves: what can go wrong?

Well apparently a lot. That festival, called the Fyre Festival (as in, a flaming fyre of garbage), finally happened this week, and the social media reports coming out of it tell a tale of unbuilt tents on the beach, luggage being dumped unceremoniously out of shipping containers, and some very, very sad lunches:

Not what festival goers — some of whom paid $50,000 for an “Exclusive VIP Experience” — had in mind when they were buying tickets, half-blinded by supermodels in bikinis.

Those who haven’t made it to the island yet are actually the lucky ones; the festival announced via Instagram that all incoming flights to the island have been canceled and those guests’ money refunded.

Needless to say, everyone else on the Internet who could not afford to attend this festival (or just thought it sounded terrible), is LOVING the thought of all these rich miserable people stuck on an island.

😂😂😂 #fyrefestival #exuma #exumabahamas

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Given how the festival reportedly prepared for the people coming, though, maybe no one should be surprised:

Also, we found a notebook from one of the Fyre Fest people. It is amazing. #fyrefestival #fyre

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