Artist Damian Loeb dishes on the art of travel

Thankfully the first rule of Bloomberg’s “travel club” isn’t to not discuss travel. This week artist Damian Loeb dishes on the fine art of traipsing around the world in both comfort and style.

A frequent traveler, the New York artist most known for his color-saturated paintings and photographs learned at thing or two while on the road.

His quirky, albeit practical, travel tips cover everything from climate control to snapping great travel pics.

1. Remember the fan: Loeb suggests packing a small fan for both a cool breeze and white noise. “When I pack my luggage, the fan is usually put in the middle with clothing stuffed around it, so it doesn’t get hurt. I would be devastated if it ever dies,” he details.

2. Go low: While traveling, in order to impart a more intimate vibe in pics, Loeb suggests lowering one’s camera to chest height, saying, “It’s that God view, which means most of the pictures are documenting vs. illustrating, but when you lower yourself down you’re illustrating.”

3. Be basic: Order a staple from room service like a BLT or spaghetti that most hotels should offer any time of day and have perfected. “I was [pleasantly] surprised with the food at the Chateau Marmont. I am very much a New Yorker, but they had a good BLT, even though they added an avocado,” he offers.

4. Pack like a musician or model: “I make a list of the things I need to take with me, and I have a list of things I can count on being there so I don’t have to pack them,” equating this technique with that of musicians or models who must pack light — and who often have riders for each location they visit.

5. Go off the beaten path: Loeb explains his Serbian wife introduced him to some unchartered areas on the the coast of Montenegro and Croatia. “It was like you had come across a part of Italy that was just on the opposite side of the water but where there were no tourists.”

6. Take time to acclimate: “I take at least 24 hours to acclimatize to a place. I love sitting in a hotel room all day long ordering room service,” he advises. [Bloomberg]