Berkshire Hathaway celebrates its entry to the New York market with a cocktail event at the Four Seasons: PHOTOS

Barbara Fox, Ellie Johnson, Reba Miller, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)

There’s a new brokerage in town, boys and girls, and it’s got a pretty heavy name behind it. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Home Services celebrated their entry into the New York market last week at a cocktail party at the Four Seasons hotel.

Guests sipped champagne, ate oysters and pralines, and listened to Berkshire Hathaway’s lead Ellie Johnson give a speech about the firm’s future.

Ludwig Heissmeyer, Jolain Muller, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)

Among the guests in attendance were actor Christian Campbell, Carolina Herrerra’s VP Ludwig Heissmeyer, Doyle Auctions’ Chairman/CEO Kathleen Doyle, Former Lt Governer of New York, Richard Ravitch, Avenue Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Michael Gross, Fox Residential’s Barbara Fox, RP Miller’s Reba Miller and Stribling’s Elizabeth Ann Stribling.

Laurence Kayser, Jed Garfield, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Louis Webre, Charlotte Taylor, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Kathleen Doyle, Richard Ravitch, Candace Adams, Ellie Johnson, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Katharine Riggle, Adam Werner, Ellie Johnson, Dolly Meckler, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)

Ellie Johnson, Katharine Riggle, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Elizabeth Ann Stribling, Kathleen Doyle, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Darnella Banks, Candace Adams, Ellie Johnson, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Christian Campbell, Grace Ann Berstein, Tatiana Nikishina, Peter Gleason, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)
Candace Adams, Michael Gross, Ellie Johnson, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)

Candace Adams, Ellie Johnson, Rommel Demano (credit: BFA)

(credit: BFA)
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