Size matters: Donald Trump’s penthouse is much smaller than we thought

Donald Trump and his Fifth Avenue penthouse (Credit: Getty Images)

From The Real Deal: Well, you know what they say about penthouse size.

But it turns out what Donald Trump’s been saying about his unit is a bit of stretch.

The triplex at Trump Tower spans 10,996 square feet — a good deal smaller than the massive 33,000-square-foot home that Trump described on the campaign trail, Forbes reported. The president has estimated that the sprawling triplex is worth as much as $200 million. Forbes put the smaller unit’s worth at $64 million.

The reason for the discrepancy in measurements isn’t exactly clear. It’s possible that Trump included common areas like hallways and elevator space in his calculations. Even combined with a neighboring apartment — inhabited by Alabama businessman Joel Anderson — Trump’s home would only span 14,000 square feet.

If Trump’s home was as big as he claimed, it would be among the largest and most expensive in the world. A five-floor penthouse at La Tour Odeon in Monaco is valued at more than $300 million and spans nearly 32,000 square feet — a size that anyone would envy.

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