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Not sure what to do with your Ivanka Trump clothing? One company has a pretty wacky solution

For anyone who ever bought an item of Ivanka Trump’s clothing and now is deeply regretting it/wondering the best way to purge themselves of it, one company has a pretty creative solution.

The Rational Dress Society is currently accepting donated Ivanka Trump clothing, which they will be turning into post-consumer fiber, weaving it into new fabric and then transforming into … jumpsuits.

The project, which they are calling “Make America Rational Again,” will be totally made in the USA and all proceeds will go toward advocacy groups dedicated to fair labor practices. The jumpsuits will be millenial pink, with gold accents (which actually sounds kind of cute, with the right accessories), and will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

Anyone who wants to donate their clothes can mail them in to the group, or — if you want to be really involved — start a collection center in your area.