This artist is “flowerbombing” NYC and we totally love it

We’ve all heard the term “photobombing” — when something or someone unexpectedly ends up in a photo. Well, now an upscale New York City florist is making an artistic statement by “flowerbombing” Gotham. Lewis Miller — whose high-end clients include Chanel, Bergdorf Goodman and Ferragamo — is leaving beautiful floral arrangements in unlikely places to the surprise and delight of New Yorkers and their Instagram followers. Selfies with flowers are tagged #LMDxNYC and #LMDWasHere. The flowers he uses are “regifted” from previous events.

In a blog post entitled “Flower for the People,” Miller explained the rationale behind his “flower flashes” — he never discloses a site beforehand — in purple prose: “We are in the business of fantasy and flowers; transforming key life moments in our client’s lives into magical, everlasting memories. My desire yesterday was to recreate just a sliver of that sentiment and offer it up to the city dwellers and tourists of this great city.”

Over the course of the last six months he has placed a ring of rainbow-colored blossoms around John Lennon’s “Imagine” memorial in Central Park, sprinkled a cascade of white daisies on Robert Indiana’s “Love” statue in Midtown and graced Central Park’s “Alice in Wonderland” statue with a stole of roses. On election day, he got political and wrote out the word “Vote” in pink flowers under the Washington Square arch.

“Who doesn’t love to get flowers?” Miller told Vogue. “They are such a luxury, and New York City is a very gritty, fast-paced town. If we can bring nature — something wild and sumptuous — to New Yorkers and make them smile, the way people smile when they witness a random act of kindness, then that is a great thing.” Taking the art of floral arrangement to a whole new level, he went on to explain, “There is something sort of ‘Banksy-esque’ about what we do, which is fun and exciting!”

We sure hope everything continues to be coming up roses for Miller and that this flower bandit strikes again and again.