Forget fashion editors! Amazon just introduced a new app that can critique your outfit for you

In the future, the devil will wear … hardware?

Amazon just premiered a new Echo device — called Echo Look — that can not only take photos and videos of you, but also critique your outfit and recommend what clothes you might want to wear instead. We’re not sure why, but this sounds even more terrifying than the prospect of Anna Wintour critiquing our ensembles.

According to TechCrunch, the way it works is the voice assistant Alexa will take a photo or video of you in your outfit (for those people who, like Cher Horowitz “don’t trust mirrors”) when you ask her to, and you can review the images on your phone. The process can end there, but if you’re really daring, you can then use the app, Style Check, which will evaluate your outfit using machine learning and expert advice, compare it to other outfits you’ve worn, and tell you which looks best.

So yes, it is essentially a robot fashion editor, minus the bitchy backhanded compliments and scathing eye scans. [TC]