Celebrities misbehaved in the bathroom at the Met gala — and society ladies are pissed

annual bathroom selfie

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While more than 3.4 million people (and counting) have liked the bathroom selfie Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram of her and all her famous friends at the Met Gala, society matrons are less than pleased by the antics of celebs at the fete. Especially their smoking.

“As a donor to the Met, I was so insulted to see all these ‘celebrities’ smoking and taking selfies of themselves in the bathroom. Mostly, it’s disrespectful to the art collection, which needs to be kept 100% smoke-free. I would honestly like to see these people fined by the city,” one ranted to Page Six.

Smoking in the girls room #metgala @chardefrancesco @courtneylove @space_witch666

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Marc Jacobs did indeed share a pic of himself, Courtney Love, Char Defrancesco and Frances Bean Cobain smoking in the bathroom (which is illegal in New York), and a source told Page Six that guests at the party, which she described as “all thugs and drugs,” were smoking more than just cigarettes in their vapes.

“Some of the celebs were smoking, some were vaping, most of them were lounging around like they were in their own living room so it made it impossible to get into the stalls. I mean, when you really need to go to the bathroom, you shouldn’t have to push P. Diddy out of the way to pee.”