President Trump’s St. Martin estate hits the market asking $28M

One of President Donald Trump’s prized estates has quietly hit the market on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

In 2013, Trump purchased what he described as “one of the greatest mansions in the world” for an undisclosed amount. However, we do know that at the time the house, dubbed Le Chateau des Palmiers, was asking just under $20 million.

Now, just five years later, the house was spotted by real estate blog Points2Home on Sotheby’s, marketing photos and all. Lesley Reed has the listing.

This time the asking price is not disclosed, and our request for additional information has not been responded to by the brokerage.

The listing fails to mention the famous owner of the house, but it does note Le Château des Palmiers’ “world-class” amenities.

The beachfront estate in Plum Bay includes a five-bedroom villa, a four-bedroom garden-side villa and a manager’s suite. In total, there are 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. On the grounds there’s a heated pool, fitness center, tennis court, and outdoor bar, billiards and dining areas.

It also boast a security system fit for a president with a eight-foot boundary wall surrounding the property, “state-of-the-art security system” and lots of surveillance cameras.

The home has been on the market as a rental for years, but according to Points2Home, the property’s website was shut down sometime after the 16th of January 2017.

Points2Home also spied a listing for the property on 7th Heaven Properties, a local brokerage, where the estate is said to be asking $28 million. That listing avec asking price ran the same day that Sotheby’s started promoting the property on Instagram. So there is a good chance it’s accurate.