Frank Llyod Wright’s Schumacher fabrics from the 1950s are for sale

It’s a big year for fans of Frank Lloyd Wright. Not only have several homes designed by the famed architect hit the market, so have a collection of textiles Wright designed in the 1950s in collaboration with fabric brand Schumacher.

According to The Wright Library, former House Beautiful editor Elizabeth Gordon encouraged Wright in 1955 to develop a line of home furnishings with Schumacher for people who did not live in one of his houses. The collection, called “Schumacher’s Taliesin Line of Decorative Fabrics and Wallpaper,” featured a set of 26 geometric-print textiles, Curbed reports.

In honor of Wright’s 150th birthday, the new line of textiles, available on Schumacher’s website, will feature a total of 40 designs, including Wright’s vintage designs and additional new colorways.

Schumacher’s creative director Dara Caponigro, who joined in 2013, told Wallpaper , “It became clear it was a very important collection that had the imprint of one of the most — probably the most – important American architect.”

Take a peek at the new collection below.