Silent film star Harold Lloyd proves riding the subway has always been a nightmare: VIDEO

Everybody loves Chaplin and Keaton, but what about Harold Lloyd, the quick-witted nerd of the silent era?

Most people remember Lloyd today for his film “Safety Last” — you know the one where he dangles from the hands of the clock? But Lloyds other films deserve every bit as much attention as Chaplin’s do. And one of the great pleasures of watching Lloyd is that he frequently shot in New York City.

Watching Lloyd in films like “Speedy” is like taking a time machine to mid-1920s NYC. Coney Island’s Luna Park is depicted in its full glory and the city’s crowded subway system is lampooned to perfection.

Gothamist recently found a a scene from “Speedy” on Youtube in which Lloyd and his  date (played by the Ann Christy) navigate the subway with true Lloydian cunning.

Check out the full scene below: