LAX is opening its paparazzi-proof terminal for the rich and famous this month

Traveling can be quite a stressful experience — for most of us — and celebrities, who spend their time running from the paparazzi, are no exception.

Lucky for them, LAX is set to open a new, paparazzi-free terminal.

Beginning on May 15th, “The Private Suite” will be accessible to first- and business-class travelers for a fee that starts at $2,000. Complete with private check-in, security screening, and their own customs process, guests will receive the A-list treatment and complete privacy.

After relaxing in luxury, travelers will even be driven or picked up from their plane in a BMW, Business Insider reports.

While the service is offered on a membership basis (which costs $7,500 a year, plus another $2,700-$3000, for up to four people, each time you use the service) non-members can use a shared waiting-area suite for $2,000, the Los Angeles Times reports. There, weary travelers will find a full bar, cheese and meat plates and concierge service, ready to tend to your every need. You could even get a free massages before boarding your flight.

As glamours as that sounds, there is some stiff competition out there with national and international lounges offering some pretty lavish digs. But we’ll let you be the judge of that. Take a look at the new LAX accommodations below.