Rejoice, champagne-filled popsicles exist

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Humans — the booze-loving creatures that we are — really love to put alcohol in things that aren’t typically known for being alcohol-filled.

First there was Sugarfina’s rosé gummy bears along with their 1,000-person waitlist, then there was Compartes Chocolatier’s pink chocolate bar which was a concoction of white chocolate, rosé wine and crystallized rose petals.

Now, across the pond, boozy ice pops have arrived just in time for summer.

UK-based company POPS, are offering Champagne, Bellini, Rosé, and Moscow Mule flavored popsicles. The treats are around 4.5 percent alcohol, reports Mashable, and are made with premium spirits.

And if it’s not your intention to get drunk from popsicles this summer, they have some non-alcoholic offering too, including “Apple & Elderflower”, and “Chilly Mango.”

Alas, the creations aren’t currently available stateside but you can order them online if you’re in the UK, and they’re stocked internationally too.

BRB, booking flights to London…