Oil mogul fights for $13M Walker Tower spread amid bitter divorce

You can take his money, but oil mogul Todd Kozel says, “hands off!” his trophy real estate.

The former CEO of Gulf Keystone Petroleum and his ex-wife Ashley Kozel are in the midst of an ongoing asset feud following a $34 million divorce judgement against Todd. A New York court recently upheld that judgement, and now Kozel’s ex is going after his tony apartment at Chelsea’s Walker Tower, where he lives with his new wife, Inga.

In 2015, Ashley filed a suit calling for a lien to be placed on the on the 3,800-square-foot unit on the 14th-floor of 212 West 18th Street. But Todd isn’t giving up without a fight. He just filed a new suit claiming that the $12.7 million apartment is not subject to the judgement and can’t be seized. If he loses, the unit will be headed to auction as soon as tomorrow.

“Apparently, Ashley has moved to executing upon the 212 [the entity controlled by Todd Kozel] judgment through a sheriff’s auction sale scheduled for May 10, 2017. Ashley provided no timely notice of the sheriff’s actions to 212 West’s counsel, including timely notice of the pending auction,” the lawsuit claims.

NYP reported last week that Inga is currently facing jail time for helping Todd hide money from Ashley. In a previous injunction against Kozel, a Florida court said he’d “attempted to make transfers of well in excess of $100 million in marital assets to undermine the judgment and authority of the Florida Court,” the New York Post reported.