Upcoming Patek Philippe exhibit at Cipriani set to showcase pieces owned by JFK and Joe DiMaggio

Watch lovers, rejoice! Patek Philippe will be displaying some of its rarest and most beautiful timepieces at a new exhibit, “Art of Watches Grand Exhibition” at Cipriani 42nd Street from July 13th to July 23rd.

The exhibit will also include pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Switzerland that are historic timepieces from the late Renaissance era.

One of the rooms in the exhibit will feature timepieces and clocks commissioned by or owned by the likes of John F. Kennedy, Joe DiMaggio, Henry Graves and James Ward Packard, who famously paid Graves to become the owner of the world’s most complicated watch.

“The Packard” watch, which he commissioned in 1927, features a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar, a running equation of time and sunrise and sunset times. That’s not all; the back of the watch has a star chart that shows which stars are visible at any time of the year at morning and at night above Packard’s birthplace of Warren, Ohio.

Six pieces from Henry Graves’ collection will migrate from the Patek Philippe Museum to be part of this exhibit, including one with grande et petite sonnerie, a perpetual calendar with moon phases, and a minute repeater. Another one of Graves watches, the “Supercomplication,” which is not part of the exhibit, sold for $24 million at an auction in 2014.

Currently part of a private collection, a Patek 130J given to Joe DiMaggio by the owners of the New York Yankees, will also be in the exhibit. In addition to watches and timepieces, clocks will also be on display. A desk clock presented to former President John F. Kennedy by the Mayor of West Berlin features the time in three different time zones: Moscow, Berlin and Washington, D.C. JFK kept the clock on his desk in the White House, according to Patek’s quartz timekeeping book, Patek Philippe Museum Vol. II.