This huge golden egg in Sweden is actually a sauna

We aren’t sure what divine goose laid it, but the “Solar Egg” — a sauna disguised as a golden egg on the landscape of Sweden — is certainly spectacular.

Inspired by the Arctic climate, the public sauna art installation was created by design duo Bigert and Bergstrom, who used the oval shape to signify rebirth. Part of an urban transformation project by developer Riksbyggen for the city of Kiruna, Sweden, the “egg’s” shell is fashioned out of gold-plated steel. And no need to worry about it cracking — the 16-foot by 13-foot structure is constructed of 69 separate pieces and can be dismantled and assembled around the city. Sounds miraculous, but according to Contemporist, it is entered through a golden pull-down staircase– no yolk!

Inside, eight people can fit comfortably on multi-level seating. The sauna comes complete with hidden lighting and patterned wood walls around a fireplace.

Clearly this is egg-actly what saunas were cracked up to be. [Contemporist]