Expect to pay an arm and a leg for serial killer memorabilia

It’s no surprise that with America’s ever-increasing fascination with true crime, the market for the macabre is red hot. While the sale of serial killer memorabilia is nothing new, the prices for it are reaching an all-time high. In addition, letters and artwork are not enough. Collectors are now looking for other, more personal and esoteric, items.

Case in point: the website Serial Killer Ink caters to those with a special interest in “necrophiles and cannibals…satanic killers…mass shooters … serial killers.”

According to the New York Post,  owner Eric Holler routinely contacts imprisoned murders seeking hand tracings, hair clippings and drawings.

“The large part of our stock comes directly from the inmates themselves,” he said.

Don’t expect these ghoulish collectibles to come cheap. Holler reports people are dying to buy a handwritten letter from Australian Ivan “The Backpack Killer” Milat and John Bunting, the Snowtown murderer. So much so that he sells them for a whopping $350 each.

The priciest item sold on his site is a 1983 7X10 color pencil drawing by Ed Gein, a (now-deceased) American murderer and body snatcher, which sold for $8000.

Holler boasts of having a friendship with Hadden Clark, an American cross-dressing cannibal and with “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez (before he died in 2013.)

He once even went as far as dating murderer Christa Pike to snag a pair of her panties and a lock of her hair, which ultimately sold for $50. Criminal!

So what’s the allure? “There is something about peering into the abyss that is exciting and perhaps even a little bit of a rush,” Holler explains morbidly.