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People are messing with the display of Ivanka Trump’s book

Ivanka Trump’s “Women Who Work” offers helpful advice to ladies like: “You need to start by figuring out what you generally like and dislike, but genuine interests aren’t always discovered through soul-searching; they emerge through repeated interactions with the outside world.” Gee, thanks Ivanka!

Now, it seems, someone in the Barnes & Noble wants to repay her for her kindness in sharing these wisdoms — by delivering some truth bombs of his own. This anonymous angel has rearranged her books in the store, adding in some titles that Ivanka might find helpful.

For instance, we spy “Disarming the Narcissist,” “Children of the Self-Absorbed” and “The Fatherless Daughter Project” among the many titles on display in the Ivanka Trump section. See Ivanka? When you help the world, the world helps back.