Skinny white ladies are going to fat camp to get even skinnier

Can’t get rid of your winter weight? A new wellness center in the Berkshires, Groundsea Fitness, is providing deep-pocketed ladies (and the occasional gentleman) the chance to go on a really fancy, weeklong fat camp. Or rather, the chance to “physically transform [guests] bodies, and mentally transform their perspectives.” All for the perfectly reasonable price of $6,000.

According to a new Post feature about GroundSea, the schedule there goes something like this. You are awoken at 6:15 am by a staffer who whispers “It’s a beautiful day.” Then there’s yoga, tiny meals, an eight to twelve mile hike, eight almonds as a snack, in-room massages, a vegan dinner and then… “terry-cloth-robed guests sip hot water with lemon and gather around the fireplace in the 11-bedroom home to discuss their bowel movements.”

What a party.

Attendees of the program do seem to love it, including one woman who says she was already super thin when she went to Groundsea — and yet still managed to lose five pounds.

“[They must have thought], ‘How do we get 3 to 5 pounds off this one girl?’” She told the Post. Another attendee — who is a model — says the program helped her “be in tune with my body the best way possible.”

At least these skinny ladies are not going to actual fat camp, we guess. Because that would just be cruel. [NYP}