Someone just spent $57M on a pair of diamond earrings (and they don’t even match)

Whatever billionaire/bold multimillionaire just spent a record $57.4 million on a pair of diamond earrings must not be very concerned with symmetry. The diamonds are two different colors — blue and pink — which seems like the kind of “edgy” fashion move a teen shopping at Claire’s would make. Except, you know, these are the most expensive earrings ever sold at auction.

Known as the “Apollo and Artemis diamonds,” the gems sold at last night’s “Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels” sale at Sotheby’s in Geneva. Though the two diamonds were sold as separate lots, Sotheby’s confirmed that they have the same buyer, so one person will not be going around with a single, sad earring.

The “fancy vivid blue” diamond earring is the more valuable one, and sold for almost $42 million, while the “fancy intense pink diamond” went for $15 million.

This is not the first record diamond sale of the year; in April, a rare 59.6 carat, Pink Star diamond sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for $71.2 million, a record price for any gemstone sold at auction.