A spread on this massive residential yacht costs $15M

Dubbed a “condo cruise liner,” the 644-long vessel known as The World is the largest residential yacht on earth.

And it might just be one of the most exclusive, too. The cost of one of the ship’s 165 luxury apartments range from $3 million for a studio, up to $15 million for a three-bedroom spread. Potential residents must have a net worth of at least $10 million, reports CNN.

And even if you do have the cash, this boat is strictly invite only.

“The people who buy here are successful in one way or another. Lawyers, doctors, architects, entrepreneurs,” Lillian Veri, a residence on The World for nearly 10 years, told CNN.

“I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey would be allowed to buy here,” explained Veri. “There’s a code of confidentiality and privacy… We don’t want paparazzi here. This (boat) is a refuge, a sanctuary.”