Jerry Seinfeld’s lime green Lotus is going up for auction next week

What’s even better than buying Jon Voight’s Le Baron? How about buying Jerry Seinfeld’s 2009 green Lotus Exige S260?

A lime-green whip formerly owned by the comedian is up for sale on May 27th through Dan Kruse Classics auction house in Midland, TX. The auction house estimates it will sell for approximately $65,000-$75,000. While there certainly is a bit of cache in owning a celeb’s vehicle, in this case, it is not believed it will affect the price.

The niche British car Lotus has been around since 1952 and is most known for its bit part in the movie “Pretty Woman” when Julia Roberts tells Richard Gere’s character his Lotus car “must corner like it’s on rails.”

And true dat: the 4- cylinder, 257 horsepower sports coupe weighs just barely more than 2,000 pounds and was built to whip around racetracks. When the modern Exige S was launched in 2006, it was the quickest street-legal car that Lotus had ever built, with a zero-to-60 mph sprint time of 4.1 seconds, according to Bloomberg.

A real standout in both function and form (its “Kawasaki Green” body is formed like a beetle), it is sure to turn a lot of heads on the road.

“The key to driving is having the right car on the right road on the right day and being in the right mood,” said Jerry Seinfeld in a quote provided by the auction house. Talk like that is pure gold, Jerry, pure gold.

No word on whether the comic left a pencil with his bite marks in the glove compartment. A lucky bidder will simply have to wait and see.