Bernadette Peters, Tina Brown toast the New York Public Library: PHOTOS

Bernadette Peters (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)

The New York Public Library hosted its annual spring dinner last night, celebrating their new collection of “Library Stories” videos. These videos feature people discussing how the library helped them or shaped their life in some important way.

Eleanor Morgan, Howard Morgan (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)

In addition to the award ceremony, which honored Glenn E. Martin of JustLeadershipUSA, guests of the event were treated to a special performance by Bernadette Peters, who sang “There Is Nothing Like A Dame” from “South Pacific,” and “Children Will Listen” from “Into the Woods.”

Nanar Yoseloff (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)

Guests of the event included Kerry Kennedy, BD Wong, Tina Brown and Harold Evans, Jesse Angelo, publisher of the New York Post, Anthony Marx, President of the New York Public Library, Steven Rattner, Vicky Ward, Richard Cohen, and Nanar and Anthony Yoseloff.

Glenn E. Martin, Kerry Kennedy (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Michele Mayes (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Glenn E. Martin (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Frank Monroe, Melissa Harris-Perry (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Anthony Marx, Ron Clark, Nooria Nardrat, Khadija Bhuiyan, Adriana Blancarte Hayward, Glenn E. Martin (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
(credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Kerry Kennedy (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
(credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
Glenn E. Martin, Anthony Marx (credit: Angela Pham/BFA)
(credit: Angela Pham/BFA)