Polo-playing Venezuelan banker sells trophy 15 CPW spread for $28M

Víctor Vargas and his 15 CPW apartment (source: Wikipedia)
Víctor Vargas and his 15 CPW apartment (source: Wikipedia)

Saturday marked 50 days of protests in Caracas against the government of President Nicolás Maduro, leaving Venezuela in turmoil both politically and economically. But for the nation’s elite, bread lines are a very distant idea indeed.

Victor Vargas, owner and president of the fourth largest private bank in Venezuela, Banco Occidental de Descuento, just let go of his trophy apartment in Robert A.M. Stern’s famed 15 Central Park West. The apartment sold for $28 million, according to public records, after it first hit the market in 2015 asking $33 million.

Vargas, the owner and star player of the Lechuza Caracas polo team, bought the three-bedroom spread from former Goldman Sachs partner Donald Opatrny, Jr. in 2009, paying $21.5 million, according to Curbed. 

The 35th-floor apartment spans 3,173 square feet and features an entrance gallery. corner living room with Central Park views, bee’s wing mahogany and bronze inlays, a library and etimoe fiddleback millwork.

Building amenities in what has been called, Manhattan’s richest condo tower, include a 75-foot pool, paneled library, private dining room, screening room and billiards room, and garage.

Sotheby’s Serena Boardman had the listing.

Check out the apartment below.

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