Upper East Siders live longer than other New Yorkers

There are many things we know to be true about the Upper East Side: rich people love it, it holds no end of ridiculously lavish real estate and it’s home to some of the best museums in the city.

Now we also know, in news that should surprise no one, that its residents — along with those in Murray Hill — will live longer than the rest of the city.

Although the bad news is that as a whole, New Yorkers’ life expectancy is getting slightly shorter, according to a study released Friday by the Department of Health.

Residents in those two neighborhoods reportedly have the highest life expectancy in the city and can expect to live to the grand old age of 85.9 years.

Residents in Battery Park and Greenwich Village meanwhile, nab second place in the old-age-stakes with a life expectancy of 85.8 years, the report shows.

Of course, it is well known that life expectancy is correlated with wealth. So while liefe expectancy for white New Yorkers increased, it actually decreased by 0.2 years for Hispanic and black New Yorkers, reports DNAinfo. Meanwhile the gaps between low-poverty and high-poverty areas of the city increased by 2.2 times.